We believe our satisfied customers are our best advertisement. Here are some of the reviews we received for our Naaseh VeNilmad lap folders.

I love this new bible series–it’s great. I love the way that it is very textual with no author interpretation. It gives the framework for me to teach my children the bible on almost all levels. My little ones just draw in pictures or narrate to me what they remember from reading the bible, my middle children do actual copywork and I have my big ones incorporate some extra explanations not found in the text. I also like the fact that the activities are mainly for coloring in by the child. It saves ink and means I can print on multi color paper. I did have to enlarge Adam and Eve so that my little ones could cut them out by themselves.
Can’t wait to see the next in the series.
Chani, F, Rehovot ,Israel

My kids age 12, 9 and 7 all enjoyed this lap folder. What they really liked was that they could all actively participate. The kids all enjoyed dressing the dolls for Shabbat, and it was great that there are so many moveable parts in many different activities. Kids who enjoy arts and crafts and hands-on activities (like cooking) will really enjoy it, and it really is a very exciting way to learn more about the Shabbat. I would definitely recommend it.
Dina, T., Rehovot, Israel

Fantastic! Can I order those first two then please?
I’d really like to see the Rosh haShanah lapbook as well if possible.
I am telling everyone how great the Naaseh veNilmad lapbooks are!
Shoshana,M, UK

How exciting on the further Genesis lapbooks. I am waiting in anticipation. Thanks.
Nora, W, MO., USA

We started with Shemot today. What fun!!!!! The little ones are enjoying it so much – must say I am too! Thanks again for all your hard work!
Susan, W. VA.,USA

I had lots of fun playing with my grand children doing the folders. They now know a lot about the topics we learned and they learned while having fun. It is the most educational fun game I ever saw.
Dr. Elana Michelson you are doing great!
Keep up the good work.
Henry E. NJ, USA

I have told everyone I know about your ebooks. The ones that have
purchased from you have all been happy with your work. All of us are
looking eagerly forward to your new works.
Sher B. Al. USA

Hi- I recently purchased your chanukah lapfolder, and we truly do love it! I am doing it with my 5 year old, and we are celebrating chanukah for the first time this year!
Heidi C, MO.USA

Elana, that’s fantastic. Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing them. Even my 2 year old likes working on the folders. This really is a fabulous thing you did.
Melanie R.. Dorchester, NJ USA

“My class and I have been studying Rosh Hashanah and are finishing up
this Monday ~ What a blessing to have your curriculum! “
Kelly J. CA. USA

By the way, my girls ages 5 and 8, learned lots and have been asking their friends in Israel if they have seen any shkediot! So far, none of them have, so I know they will enjoy your picture. Naomi F., ME. USA

Please know that your labors are a blessing to our family. I am doing the Parshot with your lapbooks with my three youngest. We are putting the little books/projects on card stock in a binder instead of the lap folders. It’s working very well. Thank you again! Shalom, Neva, B. TN USA

I want to thank you for your lapbooks. My daughter received the American Girl Rebecca doll and the Shabbat set. We got your Shabbat lapbook and will be learning all about it in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the next lapbook we will get will be for Chanukah. I am also going through Genesis with my youngest using some of your lapbooks. They are great.
Dorothy, H. Jacksonville, FL. USA

These are great! I wanted to teach my grandchildren the Bible in depth and you made it easy!
Mary D. VA. USA