About Lapfolders

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What Is a Lap Folder

A lap folder is an activity book small enough to fit on a child’s lap. Every lap folder covers a different topic and serves as a complete study unit.

Who uses Biblical Lap Books?

-Homeschooling families

-Public school families needing afterschool or summertime religious enrichment
-Classroom teachers
-Anyone interested in providing a supplemental, fun learning experience for children.

Format of the Lap Folder

A lap folder contains a study guide and a series of little booklets called mini-books. Every mini-book covers one aspect of the main topic being studied.
The child writes down a narration or a summary of what he/she has learned. The child can also draw pictures or copy from their study book. Older children can include a more in-depth research report. As children finish each mini-book, they attach it to a large folder. 

The finished product is called a lap folder, which your children will enjoy looking at again and again, reinforcing the lessons. 
Lap folders are so versatile that they are suitable for a large age range. Biblical Lap Books are designed in a way that parents and educators can easily adjust an activity to the child’s abilities

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